Adventures in Costa Rica

by Active Travelers

Air Air : If it is zipping trough the canopies of the jungle on a line. Or slowly gliding over them in a balloon. Or rapidly passing by them in a free falling bungee jump. The Canopies are ware most life is found in Costa Rica.
Earth Earth: When you get tiered of all the wild air acrobatics its time to get down to earth. There is still plenty to do. Be it Hiking, Bird watching, Mountain Baking or a round of Golf.
Water Water: When it is time to for dip in the water be it the balming waves of the Carebian, the Surf on the Pacific or the crystal waters of our lakes and rivers you will not be disappointed. Surfing, Fishing, Rafting and Diving is just a few world class activities in Costa Rica.

A Week of Adventures with Costa Rica Rios. An 8 Day All Inclusive Multi-Sport Adventure Trip in Costa Rica.