Majestic World Travelers are coming to Costa Rica

Farideh in Panajachel GuatemalaWho are the Majestic World Travellers?
Joseph and Farideh Ross is a couple that has decided that travelling around the world and discovering and documenting the worlds most beautiful places is their passion and mission. They are in love with Mother Earth. Majestic World is Joseph Ross an American, and Farideh Ross, an Iranian woman whose story is about connecting and interacting with the world and its people in a positive way. They have several dozen countries and languages between them and the spirit of true adventurers.

Majestic World is an odyssey around the globe to re-discover old beauties and find new, interesting, undiscovered destinations. We will tell our readers about Joseph and Farideh´s journey, the places and people they meet along the way.
To learn more about them and their quest visit their site:
Majestic world/ or follow their journy in Guatemala Times.

By the way, we did not find Josepha and Farideh, they found us. That tells you a lot about their ability to discover new and adventurous entities, people and places. We are not exactly The New York Times.......
We also have the tremendous privilege to share their fantastic pictures with you.
Joseph is a professional photographer who's first round around the world journey with "GOALS - World Dive Quest" inspired this new adventure.

Ambergris Divers Southern Ray

Joseph and Farideh have an ambitious and beautiful list of destinations, and we hope to be able to tell their story as they travel on. The first two destinations have been accomplished, now the World Travellers are coming to Guatemala. We will write about their story at each destination that they reach. And here is a glimpse of some of the wonderful pictures of Yucatan and Belize. We will be publishing the story of the two destinations over this weekend.


The 100 Destinations:
1. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
2. Belize
3. Guatemala
4. Costa Rican Tropics
5. St. Lucia & Dominica, Caribbean
6. Cartagena, Colombia
7. Quito, Ecuador
8. Galapagos, Ecuador
9. Cordilleras Blanca, Peruvian Andes
10. Cuzco, Peru
11. Machu Picchu, Peru
12. Atacama Desert, Chile
13. Patagonia, Chile & Argentina
14. Antarctica
15. Iguazu Falls, Brazil & Argentina
16. Amazon
17. Pantanal, Brazil
18. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
19. Namib Desert & Skeleton Coast, Namibia
20. Garden Route, South Africa
21. Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa
22. Okavango Delta, Botswana
23. Victoria Falls, Zambezi River, Zambia
24. Lake Malawi, Malawi
25. Madagascar
26. Seychelles
27. Zanzibar, Tanzania
28. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
29. Ngorongoro, Tanzania
30. Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda
31. Serengeti & Maasai Mara, Tanzania & Kenya
32. Mt. Kenya
33. Lamu to Wasini, Kenya
34. Simien Mountains, Ethiopia
35. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
36. Nile River, Aswan to Luxor, Egypt
37. Niokolo-Koba & Djoudj, Senegal
38. Sahara Desert, Morocco
39. High Atlas, Morocco
40. Fez & Marrakesh, Morocco
41. Cordoba & Granada, Spain
42. Lisbon, Portugal
43. Pyrenees, France & Spain
44. Mont-Saint-Michel, France
45. Paris, France
46. Loire Valley, France
47. Bruges, Belgium
48. Amsterdam, Netherlands
49. The Romantic Road, Germany
50. Norwegian Fjords
51. St. Petersburg, Russia
52. Prague & Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
53. Budapest, Hungary
54. Salzburg, Austria
55. Bern & Bernese Oberland, Switzerland
56. Venice, Italy
57. Tuscany, Italy
58. Rome, Italy
59. Amalfi Coast, Italy
60. Dalmatian Coast & Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
61. Ohrid, Macedonia
62. Delphi, Greece
63. Aegean Islands, Greece
64. Istanbul, Turkey
65. Petra & Wadi Rum, Jordan
66. Isfahan, Iran
67. Samarkand, Bukhara & Khiva (Silk Road), Uzbekistan
68. Khunjerab Pass to Hunza, Pakistan
69. Kashmir, Nepal & India
70. Taj Mahal, India
71. Maldives
72. Varanasi, India
73. Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
74. Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha) & Himalayas, Nepal & Tibet
75. Lhasa, Tibet
76. Bhutan
77. Burma
78. Hangzhou, Guilin & Li River, China
79. Huangshan Mts. & Wulingyuan, China
80. Shanghai & Hong Kong, China
81. Mongolia
82. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia
83. Lake Baikal, Russia
84. Mt. Fuji, Japan
85. Kyoto, Japan
86. Thailand
87. Angkor, Cambodia
88. Perhentian Islands, Malaysia
89. Sabah & Sarawak, Borneo
90. Boracay Island, Philippines
91. GBR, Blue Mts. & N. Queensland Rainforests, Australia
92. Australian Outback
93. Tasmanian Wilderness
94. Milford Sound, New Zealand
95. Moorea, South Pacific
96. Solomon Islands, South Pacific
97. Banff & Jasper, Canada
98. Inside Passage, Canada & Alaska
99. National Parks, USA
100. San Francisco, USA