National Park

Hystorical Background:
Tenorio Volcano National Park was created on April 27th 1.995. This volcano is the second elevation of the Guanacaste Mountain Range.
Because of it location and geographic alignment, this mountain range functions as a natural wall that blocks the way of the clouds , blown by the Trade Winds coming from the northwest. This gives origin to the formation of rain, with orographic character.
This National Park is formed by a puzzle of natural resources of uncomparable beauty. One of the most attractive ones, is the Rio Celeste or "Light Blue River" , with light blue waters provoked by the emanation of sulphurs and the precipitation of carbonated calcium.
Ways of access:

1. San José - Cañas. From Cañas 7 km north on Interamericana highway then 44 km to Upala road then to east 8 km (4 all year)
2. San .José - Ciudad Quesada - El Tanque ( in San Carlos ) . From El Tanque follow 80 kilometres on the way to Upala, and 24 kilometres on the way to Cañas. Then turn to the East for 8 kilometres by a ballasted road , for 4WD vehicles all year around.

Flora and fauna:

Due to the climate variability, Tenorio Volcano National Park is home to many different species of plants and trees; the most common ones are: Oak tree, "Aguacatillo", "Chicle" tree, "Platano", "Danto" and many palms,ferns, epiphytes, bromeliads, orchids and heliconias.
Some of the most watched species of fauna are: tapir, collared peccary, tayra, howler monkey, white-faced monkey, spider monkey, wild cats ( puma, margay and ocelot ), birds like three-wattled bellbird, turkey vultures and diferent roadside hawks and tanagers.

Main attractives:

* Thermal waters.
* Liberation of gases
* Light Blue Waterfall
* The begining of the transformation of the Rio Celeste's water into light blue.
* The passways to the top (Misterios del Tenorio)
* Tenorio Volcano.
* Montezuma Volcano.
* Tapir Lagoon.

Interest facts:

Precipitation 4.000 milimeters per year.
Rainy season From May to January.
Average temperature 24° C ( 75º F )
Maximum altitude 1.916 meters above sea level.
Extension 12.871 hectares.


* It is not permitted to collect any species of flora or fauna..
* It is not permitted to enter in the area with radios or similar electronic devices which may provoke noise.
* Pets are not allowed.
* Keep yourself within the trails.
* If you have any arm, it must be left at the entrance hut .
* Drugs or alcohol are not allowed, nor visitors under their effects..
* Garbage must be picked up and taken out of the Park.
* You can only swim in the areas allowed to do so.
* Waterfalls carry rocks and large pieces of trees which might be dangerous if you get too close to them.
* The use of soaps or detergents is not allowed.
* If you need help, please ask the park's personnel.

Enjoy your trip !