There is a reason way we choose Costa Rica as our starting point for Active Travelers. Few places on earth has so much to do in a relative small area. Below is just a few things you can do here.
 Sun and Beach  If a Margarita in the shade by the beach is your cup of Tea. W have it. If you like a Desert beach all by your self. We have it. With 2 costs, Caribbean and The Pacific there is endless options for you.
 Adventure If you like your stay filled up with adrenaline we have plenty for you to do. To name a few: Rafting,Surfing, Fishing,Hiking Line zapping, etc.
  Eco tourism  Wasn't it Costa Rica who defined Eco tourism? Well with 20 natural parks, 8 biological reserves, and a series of protected areas there is plenty to choose from, rest a shored.