Here and throughout the world, enjoy a safer trip by following these simple guidelines:
Robbery Prevention Tips List:
  1. Decide your destination in advance and have a planned route of travel.

  2. Always be alert and aware of what is going on around you.

  3. If your vehicle is bumped from behind, do not stop on the roadway or side road. Drive to the nearest public area and call for police assitance.

  4. If someone in suspicious attitude approaches your vehicle at a red light or stop sign, honk the horn.

  5. Do not pull over for flashing headlights. An emergency or police vehicle is the only one authorized to turn on red or blue flashing lights.

  6. If you become lost, try to find a public place, like a service station, to read your map or ask for directions. don't show yourself nervous.

  7. If you are told that something is wrong with your vehicle, do not stop immediately. Drive to the nearest service station or to another well lighted public area.

  8. Keep doors locked and windows shut up when driving, and mainly when the vehicle is parked.

  9. Goods and valuables should be kept in the trunk, locked glove compartment, or out of sight whenever traveling or leaving the vehicle parked.

  10. Always park in well lit areas.

  11. Check the interior of your vehicle and surrounding areas before getting on your vehicle.

  12. Do not pick up hitchhikers.

  13. If using an automatic cashier, be sure the area is well lit. Count your money inside your vehicle with the windows shout up.

  14. Do not leave the keys in your vehicle or the motor on when using the automatic cashier or in a public telephone.

  15. If you suspect that you are being followed, go to the nearest well lit public area and call the police.

  16. If you must carry a purse or back pack, hold it in front of you close to your body. Be sure it is securely closed.

  17. Just in case, if you are threatened by a hostile individual, do not resist. Give the person what is asked for, your belongings are not worth your life or serious injury.

  18. In case of emergency call the number 911 on any telephone.